Painting ( Interior/ Exterior )

Titan Infra boasts a team of skilled painters with years of experience in the industry, ensuring professional results for every project.

We use premium quality paints and coatings to ensure a flawless finish and long-lasting durability, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and protection of your property.

We offer personalized color consultation services to help clients select the perfect hues and finishes that complement their style and preferences, enhancing the overall look and feel of their property.
Interior Exterior
Premium - Rs.45 per sqft
Ace - Rs. 70 per sqft
Shyne - Rs. 90 per sqft
Apex - Rs. 90 per sqft
Royale play- Rs. 120 per sqft
Ultima - Rs. 110 per sqft
Tractor - Rs. 140 per sqft
Waterproofing - Rs. 140 per sqft
Stencil premium work Rs 65/- per sqft
Stencil Ace work Rs. 80 per sqft
Texture painting with royale play Rs 160 per Sqft. Texture Painting with ultima Rs.150 Per Sqft.